Musiclab Realpc 3 Full Version

RealLPC is simply the best virtual guitar available in my opinion. It is pretty much identical to RealStrat (in case you own or have tried that one), except of course, the samples are recorded from a Les Paul Custom. There are a great many articulations (ie. Hammerons, Pulloffs, Pinch-Harmonics, Bridge-Mutes etc…), performance triggers (ie. Slides, Trills, Tremolo etc…), and the ability to create a custom keyswitch arrangement in order to trigger them.

The size of the application is surprisingly small considering all the options that are included, but that is because it combines samples with a lot of midi trickery. For example, there are no sampled chords; While chords can be triggered in “Chord Mode”, the chords are combinations of individually-sampled notes. This obviously makes the library much smaller than it would be if all possible chords were sampled. One would think that sampled chords would sound much more realistic than chords comprised of individual notes combined, but RealLPC’s chords sound very real. This is because the program doesn’t just play individual notes at the same time to create a chord, it staggers the timing of the individual notes in order to simulate the effect of a pick strumming across the strings. In fact, the speed of the strum can be customized so that the chord can be strummed at any speed you like. There are adjustable pick noises as well. So while the sample-set is considerably smaller than some of the competing sample-libraries, there is considerable midi-magic used in order to compensate for this. I have a sample library for Kontakt that is absolutely gigantic by comparison, but I much prefer Musiclab’s e-guitar offerings because they are very cleverly programmed, making them far, far easier to play.

I won’t bother listing the vast amount of features, but suffice it to say that when I factor in the price, the amount of articulation/performance features and ease of play, I find RealLPC to be the biggest bang for the buck available at the moment. There is a learning curve, and you do need an amp sim (making it far more versatile than pre-amped/pre-distorted samples), but you can program some very convincing guitar parts with RealLPC as well as RealStrat and Realguitar (Realguitar being a collection of acoustic guitars).

My only gripe with it is that the pinch-harmonics aren’t currently mapped to the right notes/frets. This was done on purpose, presumably because many users want pinch harmonics that match the regular notes, which isn’t how a real guitar works -the pinch harmonics of notes played on certain frets are often different notes than their non-pinch-harmonic counterpart, and I guess some users prefer them to always match (real guitarists will know what I’m talking about). They’re mapped realistically in RealStrat, but I guess they gave the average users what they wanted with RealLPC. Not a big deal though, and since I find that RealLPC sounds much better than RealStrat for my tastes, I can certainly live with it.

I gave the “Presets” rating a 1 simply because there was no “Not Applicable” option to choose. There are no presets. It comes with a default configuration, and you can create as many of you’re own custom presets as you see fit, creating your own sets of keyswitches, altering the default pick-position, strum speed etc…

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Music Reallpc 3 Activator Windows Or Mac

xxxPlay a Les Paul – on Your Keyboard!

MusicLab’s RealLPC 3 virtual guitar plug-in is such a useful tool for adding lifelike guitar performances to your music with your keyboard. It gives you the natural sound, the detailed articulations, and the subtle nuances of a custom Les Paul. RealLPC 3’s intuitive design gives you realistic control of playing techniques and expression styles, including mutes, harmonics, bends, strumming, picking, chopping, and more. On top of that you get a powerful pattern manager, which makes laying down rhythm and accompaniment tracks easy with MusicLab’s RealLPC 3.


MusicLab RealLPC 3 Virtual Instrument Guitar Features at a Glance:

  • Covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques that a professional guitarist can produce on a Les Paul
  • Advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system
  • High-quality dry samples recorded directly from Les Paul Custom pickups
  • Easily create any desired guitar sound using your favorite amplifier simulator
  • Unique Floating Fret Position technology imitates change of fret position
  • Play up to 140 guitar frets by using just 46 keys of a standard MIDI keyboard
  • Guitar Touch technology uses standard controllers to imitate basic guitar techniques
  • Sound Humanize technology reduces the “machine gun” effect of note repetition
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • VST and AU formats

MusicLab’s RealLPC 3 ¬†adds the sound of a real Les Paul Custom to your keys!

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